Appraisal services for loans and other deals

EUROEXPERT appraises all types of property, any property can be evaluated.

Real estate:

  • apartments
  • non-dwelling premises
  • individual building sites
  • dwelling houses
  • tenement houses, offices, other commercial buildings
  • commercial building sites
  • agricultural land or/and woodland
  • industrial building sites
  • other real estate objects

Movable property:

  • transport vehicles (motor transport, ships, aircrafts)
  • office equipment
  • technological tools and equipment
  • antique items
  • other movable property


  • whole business or its parts (stocks, capital shares)
  • development projects, factory, manufacture, shop, company, etc.


  • concession, patent, license
  • rights to use a trademark
  • software, etc.

EUROEXPERT mainly performs appraisals when a customer needs to submit the appraisal report to a credit institution in order to obtain a loan against the appraised property as collateral. Appraisal can also be performed before the conclusion of deals – to find out the value of property.

EUROEXPERT cooperates with the following credit institutions (i.e. these institutions accept appraisals by EUROEXPERT):

EUROEXPERT is an associate member of Latvian Association of Property Appraisers and performs appraisals according to LVS Property Valuation Standards and International and European Valuation Standards.

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